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Home - manufacturing in Spalding


This business is listed in the manufacturing section of our website

  • 01406 350720
  • lincolnshire
  • Spalding
  • Other Pages: E Bay Shop - Agricultural Machinery,CNC Machining, Fabrication, Welding, Onsite Breakdown Cover & Maintenance - Industrail Sprayers, Concrete Sprayers, Oil Dispensers, Brass Nozzles, Lances & Spares
    Agricultural & Food Processing Industry Specialists

    Head Office:
    PortApack House,
    Allenbys Chase,
    Sutton Bridge,
    Tel: 01406) 350720 Fax :( 01406) 350903
    Lincs, PE12 9SY Web:
    Reg No: 08717969 E mail: VAT No: 172136525
    Our Dedicated Engineering Services:

    ✔ Agricultural & Precision Engineers
    ✔CNC & Manual Lathe Turning & Milling
    ✔ Food Processing Machinery Specialists
    ✔ Engineering Breakdowns & Labour Supplies
    ✔ Sheet Metal Fabrication, Tig & Mig Welding
    ✔ Precision/Obsolete/Hardened Machine Parts
    ✔ Steel Fencing, Railing, Gates & Staircases
    ✔ Hydraulic Parts & Hose Fittings
    ✔ Genuine Ink Jet & Laser Toner Cartridges Trader
    ✔ Prototypes & Product Developments
    ✔ Industrial/Concrete Sprayers, Brass Nozzles & Spares
    ✔ Industrial Oil Filtration Equipments, Filters & Spare Parts
    ✔ Bulb Harvester & Potato Digger/ Hoover Manufacturer
    ✔ Transport & Agricultural Vehicles (Lorry, Truck, Tractor, Trailer) Fabrication & Welding Work
    ✔ Sports Car Engine Cylinder Head, Brake & Clutch Skimming, Metal Cutting, Boring & Drilling
    ✔ Steel and Aluminium Billets, Flanges, PTO Shafts to customer Specifications.

    We can machine up to 29 Inch diameter and 6ft (2 meters) between centres. Bore up to 24″ diameter and 12″ deep with all grades of mild steels, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass metals and plastics. We serve a range of Industries like Food, Farming, Oil, Gas, Automobile, Construction, Aerospace and work for the Ministry of Defence, Local Authorities, Hospitals, Garages, Schools, etc.

    We have a large workshop with a number of latest CNC and Manual Lathes, Milling Machines, Welding Equipments, Cutting and Boring facilities on site. We have been in business since 1985, highly experienced engineers for Engineering work, Machinery maintenance and Labour suppliers to the Farming and Food Industry locally, nationally and internationally.

    Opening Hours:
    Monday to Friday (9am to 5 pm) Labour Charge: £30/Hour
    Other Times by appointment only


    Portapack Engineering are precision engineers offering CNC machining, milling, turning, drilling, threading and assembly services to customers in a wide range of industries, including tool making and pattern making, motor sport components, agricultural equipment and the automotive industry.

    Portapack Engineering offers an extensive number of specialist in house facilities that when supplemented by proven areas of local expertise allow the most demanding projects to be undertaken. This capability makes Portapack engineering a firm favourite with projects from the development and production of agricultural machinery to Formula One parts supply and the faithful recreating of those impossible parts.

    Portapack Engineering offers CNC precision engineered components in a variety of materials including standard ferrous, stainless steels, tools steels, aerospace grade alloys, non ferrous metals, plastics, nylons and PTFE. So if you are looking for a quality supplier of CNC machining and other precision engineering services please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Our design, fabrication and installation services are characterized by high quality workmanship, accountability and value of money. We can fabricate a single item or install complete plant. We have the flexibility to carry out your requirements to the highest standards, whether providing individually tailored solutions or fabricating to your specifications.
    - Trained and experienced engineers.
    - Fully equipped workshop facilities and on-site service vehicles.
    - Turnkey or part projects undertaken, from site survey, through to hand over.
    - Efficient and cost effective solutions.
    - Single point of contact.

    Ornamental Metal Work
    The artistic vision can start as simply as a homeowner’s idea, or come in a more detailed form like an architect’s or interior designer’s drawings. The project team works with you to develop detailed designs, and then artisans craft the designs using iron, stainless steel, aluminium or any other form of metal. In order to achieve the highest level of quality, merit iron takes field measurements, manufactures to the desired dimensions, and installs.

    Structural Steel Fabrication
    Portapack is a full-service steel operation, using advanced technology to make the transition between design and fabrication easier. Our well-established systems use sophisticated 3-D modelling techniques to convert the architects’ or engineers’ drawings into buildable pieces and connectors. Merit Iron offers quality fabrication delivery and transporting of the components, crane & rigging services at the job site, and installation.

    Mobile Onsite Welding and Installation

    We specialize in making it happen for you no matter what the problem. So if you’re in need of on site welding, welding and fabrication, architectural fabrication, architectural welding, mobile welding, fitting and machining, on site fitting and machining or phosphorous metal welding give us a call today!


    We Refurbish & Repair Vehicle Recovery Truck Sliding Bed Pivots & Rollers. Also Spectacles Lift Pivots & Locking Units Bringing Them Back to the test Tolerances. We make Replacement Pins & Pivot Blocks (The Bits that Always Get lost!!)


    Bulb Harvesters/ Potato Harvesters

    Our Potato Lifters and SummerField Bulb Harvesters are best suited for Wales, Cornwall, Scotland and Northern Ireland Farming as we have many customers from these parts of the UK.

    We Refurbish and sell Agricultural Machinery in competitive price. Please discuss your design and dimensions if it's different from the Pictures. Please allow us 3-4 Weeks to Manufacture for your right one.
    This Machine is 100% Tested, Inspected and Successfully Implemented in Working Conditions. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.
    We manufacture them according to Customer's Requirements.
    We can Refurbish or alter Chain ( old/ hard to find in the market) to Web belt, Sprockets and shafts as seen in the pictures of any size for your Potato Lifter/ Bulb Harvester, Please give us a shout for further discussion.
    We are leading manufacturer of the Single row/ double row Summerfield Bulb Harvesters in the UK.

    This Potato Lifter/Digger is perfect for lifting Potato/ Bulbs in 1/2 -5 acres Farming. It is very successful for Poly-tunnel- Green House Potato Grower.

    Gear box Ratio 1 to 1 21" inside working width
    20mm Pitch web 30" overall length
    20 1/4" Between Lift arms
    Two Lift arms Pins 3" Long x 22mm Dia
    7" centres between PTO shaft and Top Link, 16" between Top Link and bottom two lift arms pins.

    Double Rows 60” (5 ft.) wide Potato Lifter/ Harvester for Tractor 30-50 hp cat 2

    We can alter the size to suit to your rows of harvesting 28", 30", 32" 34" and 36".


    Farm/Land/ Tractor Roller- 13 inch Outer diameter 10 mm thick wall comes with an angle- A Steel frame - Suitable to use with compact 10-50 hp tractors. Ballast with Water/ Sand or Concrete. Water Tight Weld throughout.

    The roller is flanged on side to ballast it with Water/ Sand/ Concrete to increase approximately double the weight of roller during operation.
    We use heavy duty bearings, 40-50 mm steel shaft, Steel box section, bolts and high quality welding equipments for long lasting performance, we make sure everything so, and it won't let you down.
    We manufacture 3 ft, 5Ft 6 ft, 7ft, 8ft heavy rollers according to customer order, please call us to discuss your requirement.
    Ideal for Ground maintenance, manage arenas, grass lands, sports fields, golf courses, farms, gardens etc
    fully welded Frame with bolts and can be removed easily, heavy duty greasable bearings and shaft through out the roller.

    3 Foot Farm/ Land/ Tractor Roller
    Roller Angle-A Frame
    Length: 3 Foot Width: 3 Foot 6"
    Outer Diameter: 13" Length: 35"
    Wall Thickness: 10 mm
    Roller Weight: 90-120 Kg Frame Weight: 12-15 Kg

    4 foot (1.22 Metre) Farm/Land/ Tractor Roller
    Roller Angle-A Frame
    Length: 4 Foot (1.22 M) Width: 4 Foot 6" (52")
    Diameter: 13" Length: 43"
    Wall Thickness: 10mm
    Roller Weight: 125-140 Kg Frame Weight: 15-20 Kg
    Total Structure Weight: 135-160 kg
    Ballasted ( Water/ Sand/ Concrete) / Working Weight: 250-300 Kg

    6 Foot Farm/ Land/ Tractor Roller
    Roller Angle-A Frame
    Length: 6 Foot Width: 6 Foot 6 Inches
    Diameter: 13"
    Wall Thickness: 10mm
    Roller Weight: 200-225 Kg Frame Weight: 30-40 Kg
    Total Structure Weight: 230-265 kg Ballasted (Water/Sand/ Concrete) / Working Weight: 350-400 Kg
    24"Dia. Farm/Land Roller Paddock Roller Tractor Roller
    Drum Diameter 24" (609.6 mm) Wall Thickness 6.35 mm
    Working Width 1.5 Metre Overall Width 1.7 Metre
    Roller Weight 230-240 Kg. Ballasted (Water/ Concrete/ Sand) 650-800 Kg.

    16’’ Dia. 7 Foot Crimper Roller Cambridge Roller
    Roller 3 Point Linkage
    Roller Width: 7 Foot Width: 93 Inches
    Roller Diameter: 16 Inches Height: 30 Inches
    Wall: 10mm thickness Long (Deep): 21 Inches
    Steel blade: 4" x 6mm thick Weight: 30-40 Kg
    Unladen Weight: 250-350 Kg (Approx) Steel: 4" x 4" Box Section
    Laden Weight: 700-900 Kg. (Approx)

    3 Point Linkage for Tractor Towing Roller,Trailer,forks, Harrows etc.
    Ideal for towing behind small/ compact/ Kubota/garden tractor 10-50hp or sit and ride motor for Ground maintenance, manage arenas, grass lands, sports fields, golf courses, farms, gardens etc. Width: 52”, Height: 28.5”, Weight: 10-15 Kg. Fully welded, steel framed. We drill 20mm hole to pick up Linkage so, you can use any Pin you want (Left Picture).

    Heavy duty3 Point Linkage to link Agri Rollers/ Harrows/ Chain Harrows/ Trailers or other farm equipments with CAT 2 Tractor 20-60 HP (Right Picture).
    WIDTH: 93", HEIGHT: 30" LONG: 21" (DEEP), WEIGHT: 30-40 KG. Made from 4” x 4” Steel Box Section.

    Bulb planter Refurbished to 2 Rows Potato Planter ATVs/Quad Trailer
    Suit any Rows Adjustable Rows
    (28”, 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”)

    We Refurbish/sell Agricultural Machinery including Bulb Planter and Potato Planter to Customers

    ATVs/Quad Trailer / Tractor Trailer / Garden Trailer / Farm Trailer with Water Barrel

    Trailer Comes with 210 Litre Barrel to supply water to field/ Garden/ Farm/ Play Grounds/ Rugby/ Football Grounds or even feed to cattle/ horses where lack of water storage capacity. You can use a flat trailer for other farming applications by removing water barrel. Will make a suitable pin or ball hitch coupling to suit with your Tractor or ATVs/Quad.

    Dimensions: Length: 70”, Width: 40”, Height: 32”

    Barrel: Plastic 210 Litre Capacity
    Frame: 2” x 2” Steel Box Section
    Wheel: 16” dia. Metal centre with Lube. Bearings
    2 Strap Wrench, Metal Elbow & Tap

    We can manufacture/ Refurbish small to medium size Trailer of your choice.

    Bale Spike is designed to pierce the bale of straw or silage 300mm (12”) below the centre of the bale so that the main weight of the bale is supported by the heavy duty tines for secure and safe transport.
    The bale spike allows for the easy transportation of silage, hay or straw round bales.

    Single Bale Spike to fit tractor 3 point (rear) linkage:
    It is manufactured from heavy duty box section and is fitted with a 980mm KV type HD bale spike which is replaceable. This will fit standard 3 point tractor linkage. It is manufactured with brackets to fit both Cat 1 and Cat 2 tractor linkages, just state which type you have when ordering and we will fit the correct size pins.

    Bale Spike Tractor Loader 3 Point Linkage Stone Fork Twin Tines (32")
    Width = 1170mm Length = 1090mm
    Height = 700mm Tines = 2
    Weight = 65 Opening Range = 625
    Bale Spike for Tractor Loader/ Front Loader/ Stone Fork Tines (32")
    Width: 1250mm Length: 1090mm
    Height: 450mm Tines: 2
    Weight: 65kg Opening Range: 625
    Tine Length: 32"

    Heavy Duty Bale Spike for JCB Teleporter Tool Carrier/ Tractor Front Loader with Q-fit Brackets. Capacity 3 tones or 3 Large Bales

    2 Brackets: JCB Q-fit profile heavy duty Frame: 100x100x5mm Steel Box Section
    Height: 2.6 Metre Width: 1.8 Metre Bottom 4 Tines: 43mm dia. x 1250mm, Conus 2
    Top 2 Tines: 400mm ( Self-Manufactured) to balance the bales.

    Portapack are specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of portable fluid handling equipment. Our range includes units designed to save time and cost in the application and use of a wide range of fluids from oils and greases to insecticides and industrial chemicals. This catalogue covers the main items in our range. We will be happy to supply further details of any items or discuss your own specialist requirements if needed.

    Supafilta Portable oil processor
    The Supafilta offers a radical solution to the age old problem of oil contamination. Conventional systems require frequent oil changes in order to prevent a build up of contaminations. Oil changes are expensive both in time and equipment. Contamination build up causes excessive component wear and drastically shortens equipment life resulting in even greater expense.
    By using a revolutionary design of filter the Supafilta removes virtually all harmful oil contaminants including water, acids, tars, resins and solid particles down to 0.01 microns.
    Using the Supafilta, working oil can be kept ‘superclean’ almost indefinitely; safeguarding precious machinery and eliminating the need for costly oil changes.

    ★ Prolongs oil life almost indefinitely by removing harmful contaminants that pass through conventional filters.
    ★ Protects costly machinery, reducing breakdown and maintenance downtime.
    ★ Suitable for light mineral-based oils including transformer oils and hydraulic fluids.
    ★ Can be carried to process oil directly at the reservoir.
    ★ Plug flow filters – highly efficient, low cost, easy no mess changes.
    ★ Oil flow rate of 10 liters/min.
    ★ Fitted with pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, ON/OFF switch mains indicator light and MCB.
    ★ Runs on single phase mains supply.
    ★ Can be used with pressure switch kit and full range of Supafilta elements.


    manufacturing in Spalding
    lincolnshire Business Directory
    Spalding Business Directory
    manufacturing in lincolnshire
    manufacturing Directory

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    CNC Machining Conventional machining Turning Milling Operations Steel Fabrications Welding Boring
    Precision Parts Manufacturing Brass Parts Nylon Parts Cutting Drilling Rimming Keyways Slotting Tool
    Food Industry Specialists Engienering Breakdown cover Onsite Maintenance Sheet Metal FabricationWork
    Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Farm Equipment Refurbishment Steel Fencing Railing Metal Gates
    Trasport/Agricultural Vehicles Body Work & WeldingPTO Shaft Bulb/Potato Harvesters Potato Planters

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